Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yeah, I'm a strawberry

During my induction last month on the 21st til 25th October, the bunch of us had to sit through a lot of talks, every single day. Some were boring, some were bearable. But most of them informative. My favourite (obviously) is the part they explain about our monthly paycheck and allowances and how to ask for leave and how many days allowed for leave and so on. He he. That was the part most of us raised our hands to ask questions. :p

Anyways, most of the penceramah kept reminding us on how housemanship is going to be a tough journey so we must just be strong and whatnot. One of them asked "You know what people call you guys? Call your generation?" I was like "Err... Y Generation?"

"No, people call you the Strawberry Generation. You look so nice and perfect then when held too tight, put some pressure on, then become squished, ugly, spoiled. Very fragile."

Not exactly those words lah but you get my gist.


Then he explained.

"You guys are smart right, after 5As in UPSR you get 8As in PMR and the parents will be like oooo intan payung takyah buat kerja, biar mama je buat semua, kau dok belajar je. The teachers pulak ooo my favourite student, cikgu sayaaang kamu, takkan marah kamu bla bla bla."

"So, like, pampered since forever pastu jadi la strawberry."


Then I remembered when I went for my SPA interview, my dad accompanied me all the way to the meja daftar nama where else parents lain stay je downstairs. Then whilst I was waiting for my turn Aj came again, this time he tapau-ed milo ais and nasi lemak or something, asked me to come for a bit to eat hahah the recipe to strawberriness.

Then on my first day of work my mom woke me up and left me some money for lunch. Aj, well, he told me later he's gona come to hospital to jenguk me hahahaha cute right?!

But he didn't lah, I told him takyahhhh. 0:)

Then this morning, Aj woke up early and when I was almost ready he went and unlock kan the door, unlock kan the gate then start kan the engine for me and all alolololo memang jadi strawberry la I ni.


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Friday, November 1, 2013

My new life

I must admit, I was a little disappointed when I got my first posting, not because I didn't enjoy OnG, but because I did. So it would be nice to have it saved for later.

But anyways, everything happens for a reason and see, the book is pink(!!!) so its sooo meant to be like jodoh. Haha.


Today was indeed a little challenging.

From the challenge to wake up early so that I'll be at the hospital before 7am right up to the challenge to adapt to the new systems of which I'm not at all familiar with.

Despite all that I want to be thankful, because, god gave me a lot of good things today.

1.The ho captain is so nice, like so baik and helpful.
2.The senior ho seems sombong at first but once we start asking stuffs they're so helpful and kind and they'll teach us anything they can.
4.I got a mentor and he's super nice (and cute, which didn't hurt. Hehe.)
5.The bosses are generally nice. There's this one lady she asked me do you wana learn this and I said yeah and she taught me some stuffs patiently even though I was a little slow.
6.The senior nurses pun friendly.
7.Didn't have much time to talk but F was so understanding. (That's why he's so awesome.) :*
8.My parents as usual, always being my personal cheerleader haha.

God thank you, thank you, please always help guide me.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

I guess we'll survive

F and me have been LDRing since we first became friends. And that was like 3 ish years ago.

And now that I've graduated and luckily he did too a month after me, we are both back in Malaysia for good. Yayyyy!

But of course, life goes on. It is now his third week into his first real job. I'm so proud of him, work started on 1st of October this year but he was offered the job before he even graduated, like December last year haha talk about companies yang eager to 'chup' fresh grads.

Anyways, sadly, the job requires that he lives in KL. Pfffft.

But, mehhhh, whats 175.88km apart compared to 12474.71km apart all this while am I right??

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My little Kim

I recently found out there's a vet in Ipoh. As in a government's vet. This white cat at Opah's did it with a persian ish cat and had two cute white and super fluffy kittens. She gave the pair to me. I named them Kim and Sheep. Sheep was always lying around and refusing to eat and soon enough, as I expected, he died.

Kim is a really active and playful kitten, and she eats like a cow.

Only problem is, her fur keeps falling out in patches from her head. So kesian. I consulted Dyla and she told me to just take her to the vet. And find a government's vet cause they're cheaper so I googled and stumbled across this blog with the address to the vet in Ipoh. Also the link to their website.

They close at 4.30pm so I dashed over cause it was already 4pm.

We registered at counter in the middle. Then cats problems go to left, dog problems go to right. Okay.

There were already a few makciks with their own cats in the queue. They brought their cats in cages or baskets whilst Kim was only manually held by me in my arms. -_-

The pink basket, got tiga ekor inside k.

Feeling a bit segan, I put Kim inside my handbag. She doesn't like it though.

Soon it was our turn and the doctor said he'd have to inject the meds into her later when she's 3 months old or older cause it might kill her since she's only a month and a half. So I went home, didn't have to pay a cent for the consultation. Woot!