Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My little Kim

I recently found out there's a vet in Ipoh. As in a government's vet. This white cat at Opah's did it with a persian ish cat and had two cute white and super fluffy kittens. She gave the pair to me. I named them Kim and Sheep. Sheep was always lying around and refusing to eat and soon enough, as I expected, he died.

Kim is a really active and playful kitten, and she eats like a cow.

Only problem is, her fur keeps falling out in patches from her head. So kesian. I consulted Dyla and she told me to just take her to the vet. And find a government's vet cause they're cheaper so I googled and stumbled across this blog with the address to the vet in Ipoh. Also the link to their website.

They close at 4.30pm so I dashed over cause it was already 4pm.

We registered at counter in the middle. Then cats problems go to left, dog problems go to right. Okay.

There were already a few makciks with their own cats in the queue. They brought their cats in cages or baskets whilst Kim was only manually held by me in my arms. -_-

The pink basket, got tiga ekor inside k.

Feeling a bit segan, I put Kim inside my handbag. She doesn't like it though.

Soon it was our turn and the doctor said he'd have to inject the meds into her later when she's 3 months old or older cause it might kill her since she's only a month and a half. So I went home, didn't have to pay a cent for the consultation. Woot!


Biqque said...

wah free? #untungla...

a cat called sheep? hahaha interesting! u letak dlm handbag and dia tido je ke??